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Spartan Global Network is focused on providing lifestyle, financial services, & educational products that improve quality of life, while building independent wealth and economic longevity for under-served US markets.

Who is Spartan Global Network?

Spartan Global Network is an online platform that provides access to discount rewards, financial services, and lifestyle benefits, that gives our subscribers an array of exclusive options. Founded with the desire to make available un-parallel services, SGN’s founder, Ulish Booker, two-time NFL champion, was determined to provide a cost-effective products and services model, while being dedicated to serving the needs of our families

Spartan Global Network is your access point to innovative and relevant products and services.

Spartan Global Network has teamed up with Affinity Consumer Alliance to create robust membership options with valuable benefits and services.  Affinity Consumer Alliance is an Association that has been around since April of 2000, offering educational information, discounts and services to make their member’s lives easier and give them the protection they may desire.  Our partnership has afforded Affinity Consumer Alliance a modern and secure payment platform for collecting our dues.

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It’s your data, you
should get paid for it.

Tapestri works seamlessly in the background to allow customers to earn money from their data.

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Welcome to our family…we are Spartan Global Network and Affinity Consumer Alliance.

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