Who is Spartan Global Network?

Spartan Global Network is an online platform that provides access to discount rewards, financial services, and lifestyle benefits, that gives our subscribers an array of exclusive options. Founded with the desire to make available un-parallel services, SGN’s founder, Ulish Booker, two-time NFL champion, was determined to provide a cost-effective products and services model, while being dedicated to serving the needs of our families

The Spartan Global Network mission:

To provide lifestyle, financial services, & educational products that improve quality of life, while building independent wealth and economic longevity for under-served US markets.

Our Values

Integrity: to be honest, open and fair in everything we do and respect our customers, partners and colleagues as well as individuals to listen to their views.
Professionalism: to maintain the highest standards and deliver our products and services with care and accuracy.
Passion: to drive the business forward with determination in meeting our customers’ needs and to do so with integrity, focus and enthusiasm.
Innovation: to identify and create new business opportunities and apply creative and effective solutions to problems.
Collaboration: to work in harmony and collectively within our internal and external partner eco system towards the delivery or our overall objectives.

Welcome to our family…we are Spartan Global Network and Affinity Consumer Alliance.

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